Civil Litigation and Arbitration

The Civil Litigation and Arbitration department at Alegalis stands out as a well-prepared and meticulous entity in the field of procedural law. Each member of the team is characterized by their in-depth legal knowledge, their ability to interpret legal complexities and their unwavering commitment to excellence. With years of experience in the industry, they have established a solid track record of victories and innovative solutions for their clients. Their expertise is not only limited to labor, civil, administrative and tax law, but they have also demonstrated remarkable competence in international contexts, especially in cross-border and domestic arbitration matters. Their ability to combine academic rigor with effective legal practice positions them as an unrivaled pillar in the field of civil litigation and arbitration. In addition, the team cultivates a collaborative approach, ensuring that each case benefits from a plurality of perspectives and the synergy of the group. It is this commitment to excellence and integrity, coupled with its innovative approach, that has cemented its reputation as one of the region’s leading teams, continuously recognized internationally over the past decade.


Juan Antonio Mazariegos
Managing Partner
Carlos Gustavo Palacios Morales
Sebastián Meany
Juan Antonio Mazariegos Puertas


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