Corporate and M&A Department

Alegalis’ Corporate and M&A department is distinguished by its strategic and proactive approach in the corporate and M&A arena. At the intersection of law and business, the members of this team exhibit a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities presented by commercial transactions. Their experience extends from deal conceptualization to completion, guiding their clients with clarity, vision and an unwavering commitment to established business objectives. Rather than adopting only traditional approaches, this department is characterized by its ability to innovate, seeking tailored solutions that respond to the uniqueness of each transaction. The world of M&A demands speed, adaptability and precision, qualities that Alegalis has proven to possess in abundance. The cohesiveness of the team, coupled with its diversity of skills, ensures that each project receives holistic consideration, resulting in optimized outcomes for its clients. Ultimately, their fresh approach, detailed understanding of the corporate environment and passion for achieving exceptional results position them as a benchmark entity in the M&A landscape.


Juan Antonio Mazariegos
Managing Partner
José Andrés Dougherty
Mildred Almengor
Gerardo Rodriguez


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