Notary Department

Alegalis’ Notary department stands as a bastion of authenticity, precision and trust in the intricate world of public faith and the legalization of acts and contracts. Those who make up this distinguished team possess exceptional legal training, complemented by a deep understanding of the needs and nuances required by the notarial function. Throughout their existence, they have facilitated countless transactions and acts, providing legal security and certainty to all parties involved. Their specialization is not only limited to the authentication of documents; they have also proven to be experts in the drafting and review of public instruments, as well as in providing comprehensive advice to ensure the legality and validity of each act. In a field where diligence, accuracy and integrity are essential, this department has earned an enviable reputation for its unwavering commitment to excellence and professional ethics.


Mirna Marroquín
Javier Arévalo
Legal Assistant
Wendi García
Sandy Polanco
Legal Assistant


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