About Us

Today, Alegalis has developed into a business center for its clients, generating synergies that compel our clients’ growth, making us a strategic partner. We go beyond conventional legal advice. We enjoy getting involved in other areas and create new opportunities for our clients providing unique solutions.

In 2002, the firm is founded with the idea of diversifying the legal services rendered in Guatemala, changing from a traditional sense of legal and notary services towards an innovative practice with complementary services.

In addition to legal and notarial services, the firm began to render advisory and consultancy services in the financial and business areas. In the year 2005, the firm acquires the capacity to provide professional services within different countries in Central America and Mexico through representative firms.

Asia and Latin America are bringing the world new opportunities. We believe in staying ahead of the curve and in that pursuit we are able to provide services in Hong Kong and China. This brings us closer to the Asian countries and allows us to understand the cultural complexities.

As a financial and legal hub, Hong Kong is a strategic location for investment, trade and business in Asia. This is why we believe in this new venture and are currently investing in the Asian experience of our team.


¿Dónde estamos?

Ante las crecientes oportunidades de latinoamérica con Asia, hemos establecido operaciones en Hong Kong además de nuestras oficinas en Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua y Costa Rica a través de nuestra alianza Legic, la cuál permite a nuestros clientes acceder a servicios integrados en toda la región. Asimismo, contamos con alianzas estratégicas en México y EE.UU. .


Listen to our clients, understand and guide them towards a better legal and business practice. Join them as part of their team, in the pursuit of their goals without limiting creativity or resources available.

Our team

Support team

More than 50 lawyers in the region joining our clients as part of their team, creating alternatives to transform each situation in an opportunity.

Our Clients

Focusing in the private sector, we represent several leading brands in the fashion and consumer goods industries with active protection of intellectual property. Our client portfolio includes multinational company leaders in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, automotive, banking industries and telecommunications. We also advise the main real estate developers in the region and have participated in the majority of energy tenders in recent years by representing important hydroelectric and biogas companies. Our scope is not limited to large industries, we provide the same services and support to individuals and early stage businesses that benefit from our social responsibility program for startups.

Praise from Our Clients

  • “Another quality that Alegalis possess as a corporate law firm is their ability to include a preventive strategy while analyzing and drafting contracts. Due to their vast experience in litigation they can identify risks clearly in order to mitigate future contingencies.”

    Marysabel Maldonado
    Grupo Terra
  • “Alegalis seeks to support and encourage the growth of its client, setting them apart from other law firms. The growth of their clients allows them  to grow with them.”

    President of RV4
  • “Your service in moments of crisis is immediate and your commitment is present. Thank you for everything friends!”

    Juan Mauricio Bonifasi 
    CEO – Grupo Entero
  • “Alegalis is made up of highly skilled professionals who perform their work with great commitment. Requesting legal services to this firm will result in suitable, ethic and precise work at a reasonable price.”

    Ruben Alberto Contreras Ramírez
    Corporación Multinversiones
    División Industrial Pecuaria
  • Respected practice in the Guatemalan dispute resolution sphere. Represents major international clients from the fashion, automotive and banki ngindustries, winning mandates for criminal, constitutional, civil and administrative disputes. The firm garners positive feedback from clients, who enthuse: “The service provided is excellent. The lawyers are on top of matters, following up on things and keeping you informed along the way.”

    Chambers & Partners (2018)
  • “Working in close collaboration with its strong litigation department, Alegalis’s growing energy practice is increasingly active on energy-related disputes but the team also handles energy project development, project finance and tax incentives, environmental impact studies, the structuring of tenders and social responsibility agreements…”

    Legal500 (2018)

Strategic Alliances

Our own

Legic Group

Regional alliance for Central America

Fundación Paso Dos

Legal Support for Startups