Alegalis News: October 2023

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Road infrastructure must be the center of investment

In Guatemala, 1.7% of GDP is dedicated to public spending. Mostly in road infrastructure. It has been possible to increase the network by 201 km per year when it should increase to 1,400 annually. According to experts, not investing in road equipment is a cruel impediment to development. The Road Infrastructure Law Initiative incorporates new elements of value. Investment in equipment should be the foundation of the government agenda. This can trigger changes in other structures, allowing the identification of resources that can be acquired in an innovative and efficient way for financing. It can then be planned and implemented with a long-term vision in mind. The new political cycle will represent an opportunity to incorporate new actors and initiatives. There is a technical and political challenge. We must think about an alliance with the executive, legislative and private sector, a fundamental instrument, to achieve a comprehensive and systemic result. There is a regulatory framework that allows investing in the necessary human capital. If you do not invest in management capacity, there will be resources, but without the desired results.


The Omnichannel Revolution: Key to Success and Innovation in SMEs

The news highlights the growing relevance of omnichannel in the business field, pointing out how this strategy, previously exclusive to large corporations, is now accessible to innovative small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). Omnichannel is described as an integrated and convenient shopping experience, encompassing physical stores, online, social networks and mobile applications, providing SMEs with the opportunity to compete with large companies by offering differential value in service and convenience. Recommendations are offered to successfully implement this strategy, such as deeply understanding customers through data analysis, ensuring seamless integration across channels, maintaining consistency in communication across all touchpoints, and adopting an approach to continuous improvement and adaptation. The news concludes by underlining the importance of technology and the commitment to excellence in service as keys to transforming the future of SMEs into a dynamic market.


Electronic commerce in Guatemala continues to thrive and is protected against cyberattacks.

At the end of 2022, the growth trend of electronic commerce in the country was constant, although no longer as accelerated as happened during the two years after covid-19. There are several types of actions that can put information security at risk, and therefore, an improvement in cybersecurity is necessary for both the provider and the client.


The first results after an increase in the use by the SAT of the legal conflict resolution mechanism

As of August 14, according to the head of the Superintendence of Tax Administration (SAT), Marco Livio Díaz, and the mayor of Inspection, Óscar Hernández, the goal established for the entire year 2023, related to the recovery by through audits of taxes not paid by taxpayers, regardless of the causes of non-compliance.


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Bulletin: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Bulletin: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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